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Fountain Rock: An Ethical Coffee Roaster

To us, “sustainability” is more than just recycling. It’s about being an ethical coffee company with a conscience. Fountain Rock Coffee Roasters might have a local feel, but we have a nationwide appeal and a global footprint. With that, comes a significant responsibility. We take that responsibility seriously. 

Biodegradable packaging showing 250g and 1kg

Firstly, we’re committed to sustainable coffee distribution. Our coffee bags and their labels are fully compostable. This means that you can dispose of them either in your compost or your household waste. As our bags are fully compostable - even in landfill, they will break down and become a valuable resource for the environment. They are also made from sustainable, plant based products.

What’s more: we send your coffee in fully recyclable boxes, which are also made of over 70% recycled material. 

Secondly, we’re passionatOur electric Giesen coffee roastere about using technology to ensure a sustainable coffee roasting process. So we’ve invested in a state of the art, semi-automated electric coffee roaster which significantly reduces emissions. Our innovative roast profiling software - integrated with a suite of sensors - ensures we deliver consistently high quality coffee, while maximising the output of our roaster.

Thirdly and just as importantly: working fairly with farmers and producers who share our ambitions for quality and playing our role in protecting the environment are just as important to us as our uniquely scientific approach.

We pay all our farmers across the world anywhere between 1.5 and 2.6 x the fair trade rate, meaning they make enough money to focus on the extra time and costs needed to produce high quality coffee. They then don’t need to rely on supplying the coffee commodity market, which forces producers to focus on speed and volume. 

We keep in regular contact with our farmers and they keep us updated on the harvests! We also believe it’s really important - for you and for our partners - that you can trace where your coffee comes from. Each of our speciality coffee product pages feature their origins. You can explore their origins in much more detail on our blog to find the story behind each coffee.

Duromina members

Here are some of the members of Duromina, which means to "improve their lives" in the Afan Oromo language, the co-operative society behind our latest coffee, “Duromina”. We’re proud to be working with this co-op, who boast a state of the art washing station as well as organic fertilisation and innovative practices, that are transforming the local ecosystem.

It’s our dedication to our packaging, our pay and our partners that make us a truly ethical coffee company.

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