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Mini Coffee Explorer Box Set Plus - Quartet of 70 g coffees housed within an attractive white postal box

Mini Coffee Explorer Box Set Plus

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Come with us on a sensory journey around the world, exploring some of our best selling speciality coffee. Give yourself or a loved one an unique tasting experience: an introduction to our coffee from Rwanda and Ethiopia, our decaf speciality coffee from Brazil, as well as our signature coffee blend from Colombia and Brazil. 

We believe it’s really important - for you and for our partners - that you can trace where your coffee comes from and the story behind it. That’s why we’re proud to showcase their origins in beautifully designed information cards in the box set.   

The details:

Our speciality coffee is roasted to order to ensure ultimate freshness. This set of three mini 70g coffee bags make approximately 5 cups of coffee, just enough to whet your appetite! The box set comes with a convenient three month best before date, giving you plenty of time to enjoy your selection.

Choose coffee beans or ground coffee, for a variety of brewing methods. 

Coffees include:

  • Burning Cliff Seasonal Blend - Our signature coffee blend boasts decadent notes of chocolate, caramel alongside subtle notes of berry, forest fruit jam and stone fruit.
  • Onze Mil Campo Seasonal DecafAn organic blend from the Onze Mils Virgens and Campo Alegre estates. Decaffeinated using the CO2 process. Smooth, bold and sweet - luxurious chocolate notes laced with gentle lemon candy notes.
  • Duromina #3 -  An organic, single origin coffee from the Jimma region in the west of Ethiopia. Smooth and sweet with a velvety mouthfeel - this coffee will make your day, every day! 
  • Gitesi #1 - A single origin coffee from the Gitesi sector of the Western Province of Rwanda. Lot #1 shines blackcurrant and orange brightness laced with sugar sweetness providing a dazzling coffee! 


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