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La Serrania Decaf, Colombia

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A washed process mix of decaffeinated Caturra, Castillo & Colombia varieties produced by a group of smallholders within the Pitalito municipality of south western Colombia. Smooth, flavourful coffee that combines a silky body with a gentle hint of berry and vanilla followed by a sweet caramel finish. 

La Falda Seasonal Decaf - Speciality Coffee Roast Level

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Zach Kitchen-Jarvis
Lovely Decaf Coffee, delivered on time and close to rost date.

I have been a buyer for a while now, often purchasing the decaf coffee for my father on special occasions, which we've loved and enjoyed it every time received. The only hiccup was that when the box is deliverd it is very recognisable form the outside, so having it as a christmas present requires some MI5 tactics.

Joyce Stewart

Bought as a present for Christmas

P. M.
A Very Good Decaf

Great choice for a decaf. Both my guests and I think it has a good all round taste as a coffee experience for those decaf needed moments.

Dominic Ferard
Really great coffee, and its decaf!

This is really tasty coffee by any standard, and its decaf! No bitterness, just sharp and sweet. Mmm!

Strong bodied and very fragrant!

Our ordinary decaf option at the office was so dull. I gave a go to this blend and I must say that La Naranja is a surprise of flavour and scents! I had colleagues asking why we have no more decaf in stock. They were astonished to discover that that very coffee was indeed decaf and loved it.

We really enjoy this decaf roast - it tastes like a delicious smooth speciality coffee; from the flavour we can't tell it's decaffeinated. Superb.

R Hodnett

Product Review

Best decaf I have bought. Highly recommend!

H Green

Product Review

Love this stuff. It's balanced and not too dark (as decafs tend to be for some reason). I've just subscribed for regular delivery as it's the best I've found.


Product Review


La Serrania Decaf is grown by a group of 20 coffee growers in the Pitalito municipality along an isolated set of mountains within the central cordillera of the Andes. La Serrania is carefully hand-sorted and processed at each individual farm, with special attention paid to the drying process to ensure consistency, uniformity, and a clean cup profile. The coffee plants are grown under partial shading of plantain and Nogal trees. The harvested coffee cherries are washed before being pulped. The beans are then dry fermented for around 26 hours before being transferred for drying on raised beds.


La Serranía Decaf is a Natural EA Decaf Coffee, processed at the Descafecol plant in Manizales. The decaffeination process at this plant uses ethyl acetate (EA) derived 100% from sugar cane mixed with mountain water, together removing 99.7% of the caffeine present. The beauty of this process is that it helps preserve most of the original flavours of the coffee while adding fruity notes and some complexity to the cup.

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