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Aeropress brewing cofee


Invented in 2005 by Alan Adler, the AeroPress has quick brew times and extracts all coffee flavours by applying pressure. A versatile method that has inspired a lot of brewing methods. Portable and lightweight, this is a great travel companion!

#1 Setup

Place the filter in the basket and rinse it with hot water to remove the paper taste and warm everything up. Warm your coffee cup with hot water. Remove all rinsing water and then affix the basket to the bottom of the brew chamber. Now place it on top of your coffee cup.

#2 Add Coffee

Measure and grind 16 g of coffee. Grind your coffee beans to a medium grind setting; about as fine as table salt. Add the ground coffee into the brew chamber. If it's helpful, use the AeroPress provided funnel.

#3 Brew

Start your timer and add the hot water to the coffee. Pour to the No.4 or 230 ml of water if measuring. Stir well and fast. Quickly place the plunger on top of the brew and pull slightly back to create a vacuum. Brew for 1 minute.

#4 Plunge

Take off the plunger and stir again quickly. Place plunger back and press down slowly and safely with two hands. Done!

#5 Clean and enjoy

The AeroPress is easy to clean. Cool the basket with cold water and take off the basket and pop out the coffee grounds and filter. Clean the rubber plunger and brew chamber with hot water and your ready for your next brew. Sit back and enjoy your fabulously brewed coffee! 

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