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Our Mini Coffee Explorer Box Sets are a memorable, corporate gift that can be given to employees or delegates at conferences. Sustainability is at the forefront of all that we do and each box is made from recyclable card whilst each coffee bag and label are compostable. You can can trace where your coffee comes from and the story behind it. That’s why we’re proud to showcase their origins in beautifully designed information cards in the box set. 

The details:

Our speciality coffee is roasted to order to ensure ultimate freshness. This set of three mini 70g coffee bags make approximately 5 cups of coffee, just enough to whet your appetite! The box set comes with a convenient three month best before date, giving you plenty of time to enjoy your selection.

Choose coffee beans or ground coffee, for a variety of brewing methods.

Current coffees included are: 

  • Burning Cliff Seasonal Blend - Our signature coffee blend boasts decadent notes of chocolate, caramel alongside subtle notes of berry, forest fruit jam and stone fruit.
  • Dhilgee Siko #2  A single origin coffee from the Guji region of southern Ethiopia. A dazzling, coffee packed with fruit notes entwined with a honey sweetness. 
  • Los Ancestros - A single origin coffee from the Huehuetenango region of western Guatemala. An amazing coffee with peach and plum tasting notes wrapped in cinnamon sweetness.

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Give yourself or a loved one a unique tasting experience

Our mini explorer box sets are a great way of tasting coffees from around the world, finding your favourite and reading about the remarkable stories behind them!

Protecting our future

To us, it's important to be an ethical coffee company with a conscience. At the farm, we work fairly with farmers and producers who share our ambitions for quality and playing our role in protecting the environment. At the Roastery, we use a state of the art electric roaster which significantly reduces emissions. Finally, we’re committed to sustainable coffee distribution. Our coffee bags and their labels are made from sustainable, plant based products and are fully compostable. What’s more: we send your coffee in fully recyclable boxes, which are also made of over 70% recycled material.

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