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Burning Cliff Seasonal Blend Subscription

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Subscribe to our Burning Cliff seasonal coffee blend to ensure you never run out of your favourite delicious, fresh coffee. Simply choose how often you want a delivery, the quantity and how you want it ground. Delivery is free of charge.

As the coffee crop harvests change, so do the components of our Burning Cliff Seasonal Blend. As the coffee crop harvests change, so do the components of our Burning Cliff Seasonal Blend. This blended coffee is super smooth and velvety with notes of chocolate, caramel and gentle notes of berry, forest fruit jam and stone fruit. A great everyday coffee.

The current components are:

  • 50 % from lot #1 from Sitio Sao Joao farm in the Mantiqueira region of Brazil.
  • 50 % is the El Divinito blend from number of small producers in the Huila region of Colombia.


Burning Cliff Seasonal Blend Subscription - Speciality Coffee Roast Level

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Delicious, very convenient!

Yesterday evening, my partner made a scene as I realised we ran out of coffee. The frustration was at an all-time high...!
There I am, hunting for coffee at the corner shop at 10pm.
The next morning, here's both of us staring at each other, clearly not enjoying that "off the shelf" coffee.
Too bitter, no real flavours.
Out of curiosity, I checked Fountain Rock Coffee's website and realised that they offer subscriptions!
Burning Cliff being my partner's favourite, I picked this one and set up a 2-week delivery frequency.
The best part, I never pay for shipping and I can pause/cancel when I want.
Thank You Fountain Rock.
You... Rock!

Jennifer Scarff
Smooth and very tasty

This coffee is really smooth. You get a lovely mellow tasty coffee without any bitterness. Like others, this is my morning treat each day. The subscription ensures that I never run out and I get the deliveries free postage.

Kevin Kennard
Delicious smooth coffee

We are delighted with the consistency of this coffee, always deliciously smooth and tastes great.
Burning Cliff is part of our morning routine and we would be lost without it!

Burning Cliff Components



50 %
Produced by Vlademir Oliveira Dos Reis
Red Catuai variety
Altitude 1080 -1100 MASL
Natural process



50 %
Produced by various smallholders
Multiple varieties
Altitude 1400 - 1800 MASL
Washed process


The 4-hectare, São João farm is owned by Vlademir Oliveira Dos Reis. This farm has been in the family for many generations and Vlademir’s wife and two children are actively involved in the farm. They all assist in different areas of production. The land is mountainous and so all the work is done manually. A lot of work!


El Divinito is a blend from a number of small producers working with the Coocentral co-operative in the Huila region. The farms in Huila are small and deliveries of coffees can be tiny from each individual producer. The co-operative mix coffees from producers and flavour profiles that match up. This blend cupped as one of the finest coffees we have tasted from Colombia this harvest and we are pleased to present it within Burning Cliff.

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