Mini Coffee Explorer Box Set Plus

A stunning selection of four mini coffee bags including our seasonal decaf coffee all housed in an attractive white box. Each box set comes with information cards detailing the origin of each coffee. As our coffees are roasted to order with a three month best before date they make a great gift. The coffees can be whole bean or ground.

Each mini coffee bag holds 70 g of coffee which will make roughly 5 cups of coffee. This does vary on the brewing method and preference.

Coffees included are:

  • Burning Cliff Seasonal Blend - Our signature blend coffee has sparkling acidity with notes of chocolate, caramel, plum, forest fruit jam and stone fruit.
  • Fazendo Progresso Seasonal DecafA single origin coffee from the Bahia region of Brazil. Decaffeinated using the COprocess. Smooth and soft with tasting notes of chocolate and red apple.
  • La Higuera - A single origin coffee from the Colossay region in northern Peru. Creamy textures mix with sweet berry jam sweetness laced with vanilla and cacao tasting notes.
  • Nensebo Refisa #3 - An organic, single origin coffee from the West Arsi region in southern Ethiopia. A bright, complex coffee with notes of mango, papaya, blackcurrant and tropical fruits.

Please note that currently the 70 g coffee bags are not compostable. We recommend that they could be re-used for other purposes after finishing the coffee.