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La Falda Decaf, Colombia

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A washed process mix of decaffeinated Caturra, Castillo and Colombia varieties produced by smallholders farming under the La Falda mountain in the Garzón municipality. Smooth, flavourful coffee that combines a silky body with gentle orange and almond tasting notes followed by a sweet caramel finish. 

La Falda Seasonal Decaf - Speciality Coffee Roast Level

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Produced by a group of smallholders
Caturra , Castillo and Colombia varieties
Altitude 1450-1800 MASL
Washed process
Sugarcane decaffeination process

We really enjoy this decaf roast - it tastes like a delicious smooth speciality coffee; from the flavour we can't tell it's decaffeinated. Superb.

R Hodnett

Product Review

Best decaf I have bought. Highly recommend!

H Green

Product Review

Love this stuff. It's balanced and not too dark (as decafs tend to be for some reason). I've just subscribed for regular delivery as it's the best I've found.


Product Review


The name 'La Falda' comes from the shape of the mountain on the horizon, which looks like a skirt. This coffee is farmed by a group of smallholders within the municipality of Garzón - members of the Comercializadora de Café co-operative. Due to warming temperatures, farmers have suffered huge problems with leaf rust in recent years. The government incentivised planting more resistant varieties but this has not produced great cup quality. However, some quality focussed producers did keep their traditional varieties and with much hard work they have kept the leaf rust at bay, whilst producing outstanding coffees such as La Falda.

Sugarcane decaffeination process

This coffee has been decaffeinated in Colombia by the natural sugarcane process. The coffee beans are steamed to open their pores before being rinsed for 10 hours in Ethyl Acetate - a natural compound derived from Colombia sugarcane and mountain water. The beans are then steamed again to remove any residue before being dried and shipped to our shores.

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