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Mini Coffee Explorer Box Set - Trio of 70 g coffees housed within attractive white box

Mini Coffee Explorer Box Set

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A stunning selection of three compostable mini coffee bags and associated information cards all housed in an attractive white box. Each box set roasted to order and with a three month best before date makes a great gift. The coffees can be whole bean or ground.

Each mini coffee bag holds 70 g of coffee which will make roughly 5 cups of coffee. This does vary on the brewing method and preference.

Coffees included are:

  • Burning Cliff Seasonal Blend - Our signature blend coffee has sparkling acidity with notes of chocolate, caramel, plum, forest fruit jam and stone fruit.
  • Frinsa Ateng -  A single origin coffee from the Weninggalih region in Indonesia. Well balanced red apple acidity, blackcurrant and tropical fruit tasting notes finishing in a delicate candy-like sweetness.
  • Gitesi #1 - A single origin coffee from the Gitesi sector of the Western Province of Rwanda. Lot #1 shines blackcurrant and orange brightness laced with sugar sweetness providing a dazzling coffee! 


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