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The environmental challenges we all face are important to us and we are continually looking to evolve and improve our practices. Here are a few ways we are trying to be greener:

Compostable coffee bags 

All our coffee bags and their associated labels are constructed from fully biodegradable packaging, certified under EU EN 13432 standards, which is the strictest standard in existence. The coffee bags and labels in the right circumstances are compostable within 90 days. 

The key benefits of compostable packaging are:

  • They are made from plant based renewable products which are sustainable.
  • When composted it becomes a valuable resource.

The coffee is kept fresh by a central layer made from wood pulp coated with a very fine layer of aluminum. A one-way freshness valve made of bio-plastic, which vents any carbon dioxide emitted by the freshly roasted coffee beans. On the 250g pouches there is also a zipper made from bio-plastic.

To dispose of your Fountain Rock coffee bags we recommend that you either:

  • Place in compost: Check with the local authorities if the compostable packaging can be added to your green waste collection. Alternatively, add to or start your own compost heap.
  • Place in household waste:  We know not everyone has access to compost facilities. Whilst putting your Fountain Rock coffee bags in common household waste means it will end up in landfill, it will still compost fully. This is compared to plastic which can take over 500 years.

Never place the compostable coffee bag into the recycling as it is designed to break down and would contaminate recyclable plastics. All delivery boxes are 100 % recyclable. 

Biodegradable packaging showing 250g and 1kg


Electric Roaster

We roast using a state of the art, semi-automated coffee roaster which reduces emissions by roasting using electricity rather than gas. Implementing roast profiling software integrated with a suite of sensors delivers consistent, quality results whilst maximising efficiency.

Our electric Giesen coffee roaster

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