Santa Lucia, Brazil

Santa Lucia farm lies in the Serra das Abelhas micro-region, cultivating coffee over 30 hectares ranging in altitude from 950 to 1300 meters above sea level.

Santa Lucia Coffee Farm

The farm grows red and yellow Catuai, yellow Catucai, Mundo Novo and Acaiá but this lot is Acaiá. The cherries are handpicked and naturally processed.

The coffee cherries are handpicked when evenly ripe, hand sorted to remove over and under ripe cherries before being dried on a cement patio. During the drying, the team continue removing any defected coffee cherries. Normally this natural process gives you a sweeter coffee because of sugar migration from the pulp into the beans.

The farm is owned by Antonio Wander Garcia since 1994 and has evolved into a family project with the whole family working together with the employees to create this very special coffee! You can try this coffee in our Burning Cliff seasonal blend which makes a great espresso or filter roast.

A lady picking the ripe Coffee cherries

Coffee cherries are checked for quality control