Santa Ana Volcano, El Salvador

Within the Sana Ana region, in the shadows of the highest volcano in El Salvador, lies the Santa Rita Los Naranjos farm. The volcano is the source of the rich volcanic soils that is known for producing great coffee.The farm is owned by the Salaverria family. They are now the 6th generation of coffee producers. The tradition of the family is to generally to do a lot for the local community including donating land for a school.

Santa Rita Los Naranjos Coffee Farm slopes

The harvested coffee cherries are hand sorted to be ridden of any defective or under- or over- ripe crop. 

Harvested coffee cherries hand sorted for quality

The coffee cherries are fully washed and pulped using an eco-pulper before being soaked in fermentation tanks for approximately 10 hours. The parchment coffee is then transferred to be dried for 15 days. During this time, the parchment coffee is inspected to remove any impurities or defectives before being sorted and packaged up for onward transportation.

Drying parchment coffee being inspected