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Nensebo Refisa #3, Ethiopia

Refisa is a washing station located in Nensebo, West Arsi with active farmer members that deliver coffee cherries from the surrounding forests. The washing station is owned by an export company called Snap Coffee who support the local community by building schools and constructing some roads and paths to connect the forest communities. Forest is beneficial for the coffee because it provides the right conditions for successful cropping and healthy plant growth. The coffee is certified as organic to EU standards, with no synthetic fertilisers, pesticides or herbicides employed. 

River running through close to the Refisa coffee washing station

West Arsi borders Bale Mountain National Park's Harenna Forest where wild coffees are brought to the washing station. Bale Mountain National Park is home to many rivers and plenty of fauna including the elusive Ethiopian Wolf.

The harvested cherries are handpicked and sorted to be ridden of any defective crop. They are soaked for 3 days which starts to make the coffee cherry fruit ferment. Each layer starts to naturally peel away from the beans making it the cherry husk and pulp layers easier to remove. They are then washed in channels to remove the remaining mucilage and graded based on density.

Nensebo Washing Station

Finally, the coffee is then dried on raised beds over a 10-day period followed by a final hand sorting and quality check. The raised beds help all sides of the coffee bean dry uniformly and improve the cup quality than drying on patios.

Nensebo raised beds



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