La Martina, Colombia

Finca La Martina is located close to the beautiful Pan de Azúcar mountain which supplies two alpine springs running though the farm, providing an ample supply of fresh water. The farm lies within the Huila region. This lot is made up of Castillo and Colombia varieties but soon, the owner Juan Hernando Insuasti will be planting around 1,800 Geisha trees.

Trees bearing coffee cherries

The coffee from Huila is generally fully washed, being pulped and fermented the traditional way. The pulped cherries are moved straight from the pulper into the fermentation tanks, where it lies for approximately 30 hours dependent on the temperature.

The washing and grading takes place by first stirring the coffees within the fermentation tanks before removing any floating material; as the ripe coffees are dense and sink. The coffees are then moved onto being sun dried in parabolic dryers that work almost as green houses. During the drying stage the parchment coffee is further hand sorted for impurities and defects.

Juan Hernando Insuasti enjoying a well earned Coffee!