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Kamwangi AA, Kenya

Kamwangi is located on the slopes of Mount Kenya in central Kenya and together with the neighbouring Nyeri region are known for producing coffees with the some of the most intense, complex and flavour-dense cup profiles worldwide. The Kamwangi Wet Mill is provided coffee cherries by smallholders under the New Ngariama Co-operative Society (NNCS) in Kirinyaga. 

This lot is made up of 90 % SL-34 with the rest being made up of SL-28, Batian and Ruiru 11 varieties. The AA grade relates to it being the largest and most valuable beans from a particular lot. Whilst larger coffee beans are not necessarily better, a small size range means that the densities will be similar, leading to a more uniform roast. 

At Kamwangi, the harvested cherries are hand sorted for ripeness by the farmers before they go into production.

Picked Coffee Cherries

A 3-Disc Agaarde pulping machine removes the skin and most of the fruit pulp before the coffees are graded by density and separated into different lots for fermentation. The fermentation process breaks down the remaining fruit flesh from around the bean.

Pulping Machine

The coffee is dry fermented for 18 – 36 hours in shaded concrete tanks. After fermentation, the coffees are again washed in channels and graded by density. The coffee is finally sun-dried on raised African drying beds for 12 to 20 days, being covered from the midday heat and at night. Being raised above the ground improves the evenness of the drying and leads to better quality in the cup.

Coffee Drying Beds 

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