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El Pajuro, Peru

Maria Esmilda Espinoza beside one of her coffee plants

This organic coffee is a micro-lot from El Pajuro farm produced by Maria Esmilda Espinoza. She has a one-hectare farm in Sport Piura. Maria is a member of the Cedros cooperative, which is committed to reforestation as part of their sustainability initiative. Among other aims they are planning to plant 2.6 million shade trees and 29.6 million coffee trees to reduce 3,850,000 tonnes of CO2.

Hand picking the ripest coffee cherries

El Pajuro farm is located in a high-altitude area with a favourable climate. Over time, Maria has implemented and improved their wet processing, drying methods as well as introducing various varieties of coffee. This has led her to be very successful, producing high-quality coffees that currently cup 87 and up. This coffee is de-pulped, wet fermented for 22 hours and then dried in a parabolic dryer.

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