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El Molino, El Salvador

Within the Apaneca-Ilamatepeque region, in the shadows of the highest volcano in El Salvador, lies the old mill El Molino. This coffee comes from the farms surrounding El Molino. The volcano is the source of the rich volcanic soils that is known for producing great coffee.The coffee is produced by the Salaverria family. They are now into the 6th generation of coffee producers. The tradition of the family is to generally to do a lot for the local community including donating land for a school in San Francisco, El Salvador.

Santa Rita Los Naranjos Coffee Farm slopes

The harvested coffee cherries are hand sorted to be ridden of any defective or under- or over- ripe crop. 

Harvested coffee cherries hand sorted for quality

The coffee cherries are naturally processed being slowly shade dried on raised beds. The Salaverria family has a long tradition of producing naturals that are of a much higher quality than many others from Central America. They have great weather conditions for natural processing: a dry but not too climate.


El Molino Speciality Coffee Raised Beds


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