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El Matazano, Honduras

Augustin Claros Gonzales is a gentle, mild mannered man who has a reputation for producing super coffees. His farm El Matazano is in the community of Pozo Negro, located in the municipality of Masaguara in Intibuca. This coffee is unique because of the variety. Lempira is a variety typical to Honduras, which is a cross between Timor and Caturra. El Matazano is some way down the road from Augustin's house and his pulping station and because of this he uses horses to carry coffee cherries from the farm every 35 minutes a day!

Augustin and fellow coffee producers from the Intibuca region of Honduras

Augustin is in a group of 60 producers around the Pozo Negro community, who come together to learn and share knowledge. They hold regular meetings, to organize themselves and their production and to support each other in improving the quality of their coffee. This group of producers is making an enormous effort in reinvesting in their infrastructure on their wet mills, drying facilities and back into their production. This is an exciting development, as it allows for greater traceability and separation of high quality micro-lots, which is by no means ordinary for Honduran coffee producers.

Coffee plants growing at El Matazano farm in Honduras

Local pickers are hired and trained to only select the ripest cherries. Augustin uses his pulping station, to pulp and ferment the coffee cherries before they are washed and rinsed. During this stage any under-ripe floaters are removed. Finally, after inspection for any defective parchments, the coffee is transferred to raised beds in parabolic dryers to dry.

El Matazano Speciality Coffee Parabolic Dryers Honduras


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