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El Lechero, Peru

Ulises is a young grower who lives with his wife Victoria and their two children in San Ignacio, northern Peru. Their small farm of 2.5 hectares, Finca El Lechero, is located at 1870 masl close to the village of El Huabo. The farm is well organised and focussed on quality as shown by their 12th place finish in the Peru Cup of Excellence last year.

Ulises and his wife Victoria and children at Finca El Lechero

Ulises is a third generation coffee farmer. He is proud of his family and his work and is progressively looking to improve quality and plant more varieties of coffee. The family also grow plantains, corns and beans for their own consumption. 

On Finca El Lechero

The farm is planted with 80% Caturra and 20% Catuai and the varieties are mixed during harvest. The farm has a small beneficio where the coffee cherries are pulped and fermented.

Coffee Pulper

The coffee is dry fermented for about 24 hours before being washed, rinsed and then dried in a parabolic dryer by his house and on the roof of the house. Shade nets are used for a more controlled drying process. Under normal conditions the drying take about 15-20 days. 

Raised Coffee Drying Bed


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