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El Bosque, La Paz, Honduras

Raul Manueles began working in coffee at only 16 of years and has only known coffee throughout his working career. He is now 65 years old and runs the El Bosque farm with his family. The five hectare El Bosque farm is situated at an altitude of 1550 MASL and grows the Catuai coffee variety. As well as managing the farm, Raul also manages the Xinacla mill, where he processes this coffee.

Raul Manueles Inspecting the El Bosque Coffee

Local pickers on the El Bosque farm are hired and trained to only select the ripest cherries. Coffee is picked every afternoon throughout the harvest.

After de-pulping the cherries, the mucilage is removed using a Penagos Aqua pulper. The parchment is fermented for 12 hours before it is washed using techniques to help sort under-ripe floaters and undeveloped beans from the denser and more developed coffees that sink. After washing, the beans are soaked for approximately 12 hours in clean water.

Washing the El Bosque coffee cherries

Finally, the beans are dried on raised beds for between 11 and 20 days. The coffees are temporarily covered during the fierce midday sun, when it rains and at night to protect them. 

Drying the El Bosque coffee cherries

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