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Burning Cliff Seasonal Blend - Origins

The current seasonal line-up of our Burning Cliff seasonal blend consists of a washed Caturra variety from the Los Alpes farm in Colombia (50%) blended with a naturally processed Mundo Novo variety from Capadocia farm in Brazil (50%). Let's find out a bit more about the stories behind each coffee.  

Otávio #3, Sul de Minas, Brazil

This coffee lot 3 comes from the Capadocia farm in Sul de Minas, owned by Augusto Borges Ferreira and his wife Patricia Fernanda Silveira. The coffee is named after their son Otávio. Augusto is 25 years old and comes from a family of four generations of coffee producers. He was raised on the farm amongst the coffee trees. The mountainous terrain in this area of Brazil is ideal for coffee production, with rich soil and temperatures around 22°C to 24°C helping the cherry maturation. Capadocia covers 7 hectares in total, 4 of which are currently used for coffee production. The total production is currently 150 bags. 

Augusto, wife Patricia and son Otavio

Augusto, his wife Patricia and son Otávio

The coffee cherries are harvested by hand and then sorted to remove over and under ripe cherries. They are then transferred to the patio to dry. The family have a very motivated team who carefully monitor the coffee throughout the drying, picking out all the defected coffee cherries they can find during this period. 

Burning Cliff Seasonal Blend - Capadocia coffee cherries are being handpicked

The coffee cherries are harvested by hand

 The cherries are dried on patio

Drying the coffee on patio

Los Alpes #1, Huila, Colombia

This coffee lot 1 from Los Alpes farm is produced by Edinson Noriega in the Tarqui area of the Huila region of Colombia. The coffees from this area are outstanding. Coffee cherries are handpicked and then pulped before sitting in a dry fermentation tank for 2 days. They are then washed and graded before being dried in parabolic dryers for between 10 and 18 days.

 The Noriega Family

 The Noreiga family

 Los Alpes farm in Tarqui, Colombia

 The Los Alpes farm


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